rat101311Rodents, especially mice and roof rats, are a problem all over the Las Vegas Valley.

They can carry and spread disease through their droppings and will chew anything in their path. Mice and rats will also multiply quickly with a good source of food & shelter, so timely removal is key!

Golden Eagle Pest Solutions utilizes the most effective methods to control and remove your rodent issues. Traps, baits, poisons, and environmental exclusion methods are at your disposal when you call us to solve your rodent problem.


If you are spotting small rodents in your home or business, they are most likely “house mice”. House mice breed rapidly and like to nest within structures, gnawing

on everything they see along the way. If you begin to spot droppings in your garage or warehouse, behind appliances, and even in your cupboards, call Golden Eagle Pest Solutions right away!


Larger rodents seen in or around your Las Vegas home are most likely “roof rats”, also called black rats. Roof rats are strong climbers and gain access to your home

through trees and other structures close to your building. They’ll chew threw wire and wall on their way into your home, causing thousands of dollars in damage!

Keep trees trimmed around your home or office and call out the expert problem-solvers at Golden Eagle Pest Solutions.