unnamedCockroach Problems?

Cockroach infestations are among the most difficult pest problems to solve. They breed quickly, spread diseases like E. coli, and ruin your reputation.

Golden Eagle Pest Solution has developed a program to quickly and quietly resolve your cockroach problem. By partnering with you and your employees, we’ll develop a Focused Pest Solution, customized for you, to effectively eliminate cockroaches.

How We Solve Cockroach Problems:

After conducting a thorough site inspection, we:


1. Dispose and remove of as many cockroaches as possible in the immediate area

2. Treat the surrounding cracks and crevices where cockroaches are commonly found

3. Apply bait insecticides in strategic locations

4. Distribute residual dust insecticides in locations most likely to be visited by surviving pests

5. Introduce an Insect Growth Regulator to provide long-term solutions Cockroach Problems Solved!

With our Focused Pest Solution, you’ll experience an immediate decline in cockroach activity. With your cockroach problem solved, you won’t have to deal with the heavy fines assessed by regulatory agencies for pest issues!

Most importantly, your employees and customers will have a healthier (and happier!) experience when at your place of business.