During cold months rats and mice move into, or burrow beneath buildings seeking warmth, and often spreading unhealthy bacteria and damaging the structure. In the summer, a wave of bugs can ruin your outdoor fun and take over your yard. Golden Eagle Pest Solution’s qualified exterminators won’t let you fall victim to these pests. We can apply treatments both inside and outside your property so that you can rest assured knowing the infestation is being properly treated.


Our pest control exclusively uses eco-conscious products that won’t put you at risk. The pest control solutions we offer relies on a cedar and peppermint oil product that prevents any more insects from coming to the property and trying to nest. It does this while staying safe to be around and for the environment. We believe in providing quality solutions in Las Vegas, which is why Golden Eagle Pest Solutions uses a holistic approach that minimizes the amount of interior spraying that needs to be done.

Golden Eagle Pest Solution’s is a family-owned business offering a variety of pest control options for commercial businesses throughout the greater Las Vegas area. We have decades of experience protecting your property from unwanted pests and making sure they don’t return later. Call Golden Eagle Pest Solutions today and learn more about our solutions to make your property pest free.

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It’s never easy to deal with a rat or a mice infestation. At Golden Eagle Pest Solutions, we offer Las Vegas commercial property owners a wide selection of options to take the stress out of pest control. Because weโ€™re flexible, you can have an exterminator come out whenever it’s convenient for your schedule. When you need to protect your property from rodents, call Golden Eagle Pest Solutions.

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